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Building Your Brand and Finding Your Tribe

About this Event

Photos and video will be taken during this event. Please inform the workshop host when you arrive, if you do not want to be included. Light refreshments will be served.

Though small businesses are the background of the U.S. economy, they face many challenges. While 80 percent of businesses survive in the first year, only about half of small businesses survive past the five-year mark. (Source: Forbes) Marketing is an integral and often mystical aspect of a business’ viability and survival. When developing a brand identify and subsequent marketing strategy, entrepreneurs often invest time, energy, and income into perceivably attractive brand colors, social media marketing, email marketing funnels, and other promotional tactics. It doesn’t take long for many entrepreneurs to realize that they’ve forgotten to develop a solid brand foundation. They’ve wasted money because they didn’t understand their business model nor their target market.

A strong brand foundation is imperative for marketing success. Today we will discuss what is needed for small businesses to create a solid brand foundation and alignment in order to inform decisions regarding brand aesthetic, content creation, and marketing tactics.