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“A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals.” - Wikipedia

If you’re like me, then you’ve created vision boards in the past that often ended up in the waste paper basket before March. An effective vision board is about more than just cutting out random pretty pictures in magazines and pasting them on a cardboard poster board. The true purpose of a vision board lies in its ability to help you to organize and visualize the feelings, people, and things you want to have and see in YOUR life.

I created the It’s Time: 2019 Vision Board Planner Package because I’m tired of creating vision boards that end up in the trash. This year, I am using my vision board as a tool to propel me toward the goals I have for this year and beyond!

The It’s Time: 2019 Vision Board Planner Package is free and comes with three activity sheets to help you plan your new year goals and action steps as well as pre-plan objects/images that you plan to use on your vision board.

Join me in leveling up your vision board by doing a little preplanning.

Click the button below to download the It’s Time: 2019 Vision Board Planner Package for FREE. The digital download will be sent to your email. Open it up and keep reading for best practice tips!


Goal Planner

First, use the 2019 Goal Planner page to outline your goals for the year. By identifying each goal and the steps you will need to take to achieve it, you will be able to think about the most appropriate images for your vision board.


  • Use one sheet for each goal.

  • Identify the life area for each goal.

  • Then list at least 1-3 action steps under the “Action Items” section to fulfill the goal.

Vision Board Planner

Second, use the Vision Board Planner page to brainstorm images to paste on your vision board.


  • Use at least one sheet for each life area.

  • Write one goal in each “Goal” column and list the desired types of images/words/objects that you’d use to represent the fulfillment of these goals in the matching “Image” column.

  • After completing this section, begin compiling the images you are looking for in baggies or envelops. Label each baggie or envelop with the life area it is related too.

More Visions

Use the More Visions page to list any other visual content you’d like to add to your board.


Create Your Vision Board

Now that you’ve planned out your images and compiled them together, it is time to create your vision board! Affix the images to your board any way you’d like. Group them together or use a monochromatic color scheme so your board has a unified look. Be creative! As you are putting your board together reflect upon each image and imagine yourself achieving each desire. After you’re finished, place your board in a prominent location. You want to see this board frequently throughout the year.

More General Tips

  • Use pictures of yourself or people you know.

  • Use small objects or cards for a cool 3D look.

  • Think about adding lights to your board.

  • Consider framing your board or using a paint canvas for easy hanging and preservation.

Thanks for downloading the It’s Time: 2019 Vision Board Planner Package. When you’re finished with your vision board share on social media using the hashtag #itstime2019.

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