My First Experience at the Black Women in Film Summit, A Recap

2019 BWFN Summit Red Carpet Hosting Workshop Class

2019 BWFN Summit Red Carpet Hosting Workshop Class

On March 8, 2019, I attended the Black Women in Film Summit at Atlanta Technical College for the very first time! The annual three-day event, took place during Women’s History Month, and highlighted the work of women of color in film and television and provided attendees with networking opportunities, as well as information and resources to further their careers in the industry.

The Black Women in Film Summit is hosted annually by the Black Women in Film Network (BWFN). BWFN was created in 1997 to prepare Black women for careers in film and television.

For the past few years correspondent and host Summer Jackson has hosted a Red Carpet Hosting Workshop. This year she was joined by Jasmine Adams of CareerConvos. I had the opportunity to attend the workshop and learned a bunch. I was also able to brush up on my broadcast journalism skills from college and get a little practice interviewing someone on the red carpet. A few of tips that stood out to me from the workshop were:

1.     Stay up to date on current affairs (includes culture, hard news, music, etc.)

2.     Build relationships with the people around you including publicists, other hosts, photographers, and event support staff.

3.     Create a prep kit to bring with you on jobs that includes makeup, wet wipes, flats, and whatever other items you may need to keep fresh and comfortable.

4.     Dress in attire appropriate for the event. For example, if you’re hosting the red carpet at the Oscars, dress in extreme formal wear.  

5.     Maintain control when interviewing. NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO TAKE YOUR MICROPHONE!

Interviewing classmate Ameera Hill with my microphone or fake water bottle.

Interviewing classmate Ameera Hill with my microphone or fake water bottle.

Overall, I thought the Red Carpet Hosting Workshop was very informative, structured, but also provided opportunity to network with other women in the city pursuing careers in entertainment. Interestingly enough, I’ve been seeing a few women I’ve met at the workshop in the city at other events.

I think the BWFN Summit is an excellent networking opportunity for Black Women throughout the country interested in media, but especially those in Atlanta. I also think that the conference was very affordable (I only paid $50) and information rich. I definitely walked away with new skills, which is not always the case when I attend conferences. 

To conclude, I’ll definitely be in attendance next year.